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This course is perfect for recruiters looking to take the next step in their career and be the talent expert in their organisation.

Becoming a Talent Advisor is not only about selecting great talent – it’s also about being a consultative and strategic partner to your hiring managers. In this professional certificate, delivered by John Vlastelica and Paul Bunda, you will learn how to lead hiring conversations and make a big impact on the way you source, interview, select and sell talent.

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6 Hours


Talent Advising

Strategic Sourcing





Training Recruiters in:

What will you learn?



Meet John Vlastelica of Recruiting Toolbox and prepare to become a Talent Advisor. Define WDGLL & your new relationship with hiring managers.



Learn how to build effective strategies that aligns Recruiting and Hiring Managers together, using communication, effective processes, and plan for speed!


Sourcing Strategy

Learn how to pull sourcing out of Boolean and into the strategic. Gain the secret to getting hiring managers on board and leverage their networks and abilities, as well as building your strategy around market information that enables leaders to make informed decisions.


Interviewing and Selling Strategy

Interviews are critical in our interactions with candidates, but to get great hires we must have a great strategy. Similarly, when Hiring Managers make decisions on who to hire, strategy comes into play here too. Do we simply sit in, do we facilitate, or do we lead? Learn how to lead like a Talent Advisor, and ensure the best hire is made in every team.



Learn how to influence those around you in the business who’s actions and capability massively impact your conversion and funnel metrics that are out of your control.


Being a Talent Advisor

Learn to build relationships, raise the bar on expectations and diagnose performance issues. Influence through communication, and play the role of Talent Advisor where you lead and influence.


Critical Conversations with Hiring Managers

Learn how to win at having critical conversations by diagnosing the root issue and engaging Hiring Managers.

Content delivered by

John Vlastelica

With over 20 years of recruiting experience, John is a world-leading expert on interviewing, selection. His content will help you become a trusted talent advisor to your hiring managers through helping you to define a solid hiring criteria, and establish effective screening and interviewing techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there assistance for people looking to get their employers to purchase this training for them?

Yes, we understand going to your employer for training budget can be difficult so we have created an email template which is available here.

Which SocialTalent certificate is right for me?

You can preview the contents of each course on their individual pages. With your purchase, you get full access to the SocialTalent Academy library so you can switch certificates if needed.

Do users receive a certificate when they complete content?

Users receive Badges to recognise new skills gained and a Professional Certificate when they complete their full course.

Are there any benefits to signing up as a team?

Yes. Our Individual, Squad and Team plans are priced on a per-seat basis with 10% and 20% discounts available for multiple seats and designed for people who wish to enhance their skills, knowledge and accelerate their careers. You can purchase up to nine seats in total.

What payment options are available?

You can pay via debit or credit card. You will be issued with an automatic invoice once your payment is processed.

How are subscriptions billed?

Subscriptions are billed annually where you pay for your 12 month access to the platform in advance.

Where do I go if I have any issues with my subscription?

We have dedicated support agents available on our platform ready to help with any issue. You can also email us at any time on [email protected]