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Practical Sourcing Lab: Non- technical role Example

Get a practical insight into the sourcing process.

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In this practical lab, watch master sourcer José Kadlec as he demonstrates the end-to-end sourcing process for a non-IT role, so that you can easily apply the techniques and the Talent Sourcing Checklist to your future sourcing assignments. This will pull all of your sourcing techniques together to see them in practice across one requisition.


José Kadlec

José Kadlec is the Co-Founder of GoodCall and author of the best-selling book “People as Merchandise: Crack the Code to LinkedIn Recruitment”. With a background in software engineering, José turned his technical expertise to sourcing and has mastered the art of finding talent anywhere in the world.

José Kadlec - Sourcing Expert

In this Course you’ll learn...

Analysing your Req

Follow along with José as he goes through the research phase of the sourcing process.

Applying your Search

Apply the search metods you have learned so far to find the talent you need.

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