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Engaging Talent

How to connect with talent in a meaningful and engaging manner.

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In this program, you’ll learn how to connect effectively with passive candidates so that they will be more likely to respond to you. We will talk about how to find contact details for candidates you find online, as well as what to say now that you’re going to reach out to them. What will get them to answer your call, or open your email? What will encourage them to respond? We’ll use behavioural psychology and proven sales tactics to get your response rate up and create an all-round positive experience. We will also look at good communication practices, and discuss how to think more about the candidate themselves and their personality in order to connect with them effectively.


Angie Verros

Angie Verros is the Founder of sourcing as a service and sourcing technology strategy firm, Vaia Talent. She is a strategic talent acquisition leader and global keynote speaker who is passionate about people and technology. She has an impeccable work ethic and proven track record of success in identifying, recruiting and hiring outstanding talent. With experience in high growth, entrepreneurial and startup environments, Angie excels at designing and implementing recruiting programs to build social and brand awareness. Her sourcing methods have been adopted as best practices by global organisations.

Angie Verros - Expert

Course Preview

In this Course you’ll learn...

Getting Contact Details

Learn tactical ways to find contact information for your sourced talent, from emails to phone numbers and social profiles

Rules of Engagement

Learn how to structure messages, conversations and the series of connections you make to make the most of the opportunity

Personalised Engagement

Learn How to customise your approach to talent based on their personality and what motivates them to move.

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